Cover Me!

Don´t let Platelets fight alone. Always support them with range towers.

Adrenaline Creates More Oxygen

Apply Adrenaline on Oxygen Generator and speed up the Oxygen production twice.

You Cannot Pass…

If you have developed Swamp Tower do everything to keep enemies in the toxic area in order to maximize its damage effect. For example use Platelets to intercept enemies in it.

Don´t Waste Your Time

Speed up the time of the game four times before launching the first wave. Your power ups will fully charge earlier.

Breathe Deeply

Keep upgrading Oxygen Generators. More Oxygen they generate, more resources for buidling and upgrading constructions you have.

Shock Wave

Each explosion provided by artillery shocks enemies and this slow them for a short time.

Platform Discounts!

Unlock Occupied Platforms and use their benefits. Each one offers increased stats like damage, range or attack rate for tower built on the platform.

Benefitial Impatience

Launch enemy wave earlier and enjoy additional Oxygen as your reward. Because sometimes even impatience is a virtue.

Tablet Addiction

Play the levels on harder difficulties to gain more tablets. Tablets are essential for buying upgrades and it is quite impossible to pass the game without them.

Last Men Standing

You are fighting with the very last wave, aren´t you? So sell idle towers and spent the Oxygen to upgrade the fighting ones.

Need Reinforcements!

If you are out of melee units upgrade the Barracks and elevator will bring another warrior.

Trade to Win

Selling is not destroying. Sell the building and build a new one to adapt the strategy in case the enemies became too resistant.

Too Much Power

Tesla Towers and any electric damage are useless against Volts. If you experience the wave with their dominance, sell the tower and construct something more effective.

Friendly Fire

Nuclear missiles damage also your units! So consider if it is really good idea to leave Platelets near Nuclear Silo.

Fix Your Upgrades

Redistribute your Tablets, rearrange Upgrades and develop new strategy in case that your actual set-out does not work.

Relax Is Important

If your Platelets are injured allow them some relax. They are automatically healed if they do not fight.